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Message from the owner

Dr. Brad Evans

I want to personally welcome you to Pathfinders! We are a behavioral health clinic with a unique and incredibly important mission: taking care of our military communities by offering the highest level of care possible. We have the distinction of being comprised entirely of doctoral level providers, the highest degree conferred in psychology and psychiatry. I also am proud of the fact that we are one of very few clinics, in the regions we serve, with both psychologists and psychiatry under one roof for coordinated and comprehensive care. Our goal is to provide our clients with the highest level of evidence based treatment, to help them effectively resolve the difficulties that brought them in, and provide an environment where soldiers, veterans, their families and the community at large can feel comfortable.

Dr. Evans is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist specializing in individual and couples therapy with specialized training in military populations, aviation, and health psychology. He has served in special operations units both as a soldier and later in his career as a psychologist.

Who we are

Since our inception, Pathfinders Psychological and Psychiatric Services (previously Pathfinders Counseling and Consulting) has been dedicated to providing the best practices in clinical psychology and psychiatry that are individually tailored, specific, and effective. Although we work with a variety of individuals, we specialize in working with military, veterans, and their families.

What makes Pathfinders different is the background we share allowing us to provide a unique understanding of military specific concerns and we can speak a "common language" that may not be easily spoken by people who do not understand military backgrounds.


All of our providers have either been in the military or have spent a significant amount of time working at a VA or Military Medical Center. Taking care of our military and veterans is a primary goal and concern at Pathfinders. We are honored to serve those who currently serve and who have served.

Meet our providers
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