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Killeen, Texas

Contact the Killeen office at 254-252-3748 to obtain the appropriate forms.

San Antonio, Texas

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The below forms are ONLY for the San Antonio branch. Select the forms appropriate for your situation (new patient versus one-time VA evaluation). If you have any questions, please call 210-202-0100.

Veterans:    use the forms in the GREEN box below ONLY 
for scheduled VA evaluations.

 The forms in the blue box are only for therapy patients. 


VA Evaluations ONLY

Scheduled through Optum Serve (LHI)


Do NOT complete these forms if you are not already scheduled by Optum Serve for a VA Evaluation with Pathfinders OR if you are a scheduled for therapy.

NOTE: We do NOT conduct privately paid VA evaluations. These forms are for veterans who have an appointment scheduled through Optum Serve ONLY.


If you already have a patient portal account, you can access it here.
To set up a portal account, please call 210-202-0100.

Online Version

Printable Version

NOTE: some forms are not available online yet.
Many of these forms can be sent to you via the Patient Portal.

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