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VA Compensation & Pension Evaluations

NOTE: You CANNOT schedule VA Compensation & Pension (i.e., disability) evaluations directly with Pathfinders Psychological & Psychiatric. Please contact the appropriate organizations (e.g., The Texas Veterans Commission, local VA, Disabled American Veterans) to determine if you are eligible for such an evaluation .

What to Expect

  • The doctoral-level provider assigned to your case will review your VA claims file and any self-report psychological testing/screening measures.

  • The provider will interview you about your life history and your mental health symptoms which should last approximately 30 - 90 minutes. 

  • The evaluation is NOT therapy. You can expect that the provider will ensure your safety, but will not engage in traditional therapy.

  • Upon completion of the interview, the provider will submit the information from the evaluation to the VA and/or contractor. 

What to Bring

  • A list of your current medications.

  • Any collateral information you believe needs to be a part of your claim that is not already in your record. If you have medical records that you want included in your Claims File, you need to ensure you give those files to the VA. Your provider can review during this evaluation, but the VA may not include them in their review if they are not submitted to them directly.

  • You can bring your spouse or other caregiver, if this appropriate for your case.


If you need to reschedule your VA Compensation & Pension appointment, then you must contact Optum Serve directly. The staff at Pathfinders Psychological & Psychiatric Services cannot reschedule your appointment.​

Required Forms

Please click the link to go to the Forms page. Select the correct location and form type. This information will be in the email and/or text message. You need to fill out the assigned form (Initial vs. Review) REGARDLESS of whether or not this is your first mental health evaluation. 

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