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Most of our providers are listed as in network for Tricare, including Tricare Prime and Tricare Select. 

  • Active Duty Service Members must obtain a referral from their primary care managers, behavioral health providers, or health care team in order for Tricare to cover the costs of off-post mental health care. 

  • Retirees and medically discharged veterans using Tricare have a copay for services.

  • Retirees, medical discharged veterans, and family members may need referrals depending on Tricare guidelines. 

  • Tricare Prime members need referrals for psychological testing and psychiatric services.

Some providers may be in network with various insurance companies particularly Blue Cross/Blue Shield (BCBS - PPO only). Different providers may take other insurances so please contact the clinic to discuss insurance concerns. 

You also may be able to submit claims to your insurance company by using a "superbill" that shows all the information you need to send to your insurance company for reimbursement.


Check your plan for benefits and exclusions. Generally, insurance companies refuse to cover services that they consider not medically necessary. Clients are responsible for any costs not covered by insurance. 

Fees for Private Pay

Ready to start?


Initial/Intake Session: $200 - 275 (varies by provider) 

Individual/Couples Psychotherapy (50 minutes): $150 - 200 (varies by provider)

Psychological Assessment: Varies by assessment type and scope                    


Initial/Intake Session: $270

Individual Medication Appointment (45 minutes): $200

*Rates may vary depending on provider. Please contact the clinic for further details.*

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